Flamingo Punks — 1st Flamingo Mafia Family extension!

Don Flamingo
2 min readNov 9, 2021


Flamingo Mafia Family x Flamingo Punks

Flamingo Mafia Family (FMF) is growing! To speed up this process, I decided - time to extend collection by introducing Flamingo Punks (FP). It’s going to be a set of 10,101 unique NFTs, created over from 70 different traits on the Polygon - ERC-721.

The official launch is set for 22 November 2021 at 16.00 PM - PST. On this day, all tokens will be distributed to the Mafia holders. The collection will be also available on the OpenSea platform for secondary selling.

How to be a Flamingo Punk?

There are a few ways to grab Punk NFTs. The first one is to be a Flamingo Mafia Family holder. Every FMF NFT token will be mirrored to the FP NFT Token.

Ex. If You are holding 10 Flamingo Mafia Family NFTs, on 22.11.2021 at 16.00 PM — PST You will receive 10 Flamingo Punks for free!

The second way will be to mint the rest of the undropped tokens. Now it’s already minted 574 Flamingo Mafia, so that same count of Punks will be dropped to the holders. The rest of them will be ready to mint on the main site — https://flamingopunks.com/. The initial price will not be height, it’s only an extension, probably they will cost between 15$ — 20$ dollars in the $ETH or/and Matic.