Introducing The Flamingo Mafia Family

Don Flamingo
3 min readOct 20, 2021


If you’ve been on the internet for the past year–and you must have unless you were living under a rock– you probably know what NFTs are. They are the next big thing in the crypto world, and the crypto world is already the most significant thing happening besides the pandemic.

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are pieces of art (and other assets) on a blockchain that you can collect and be the sole and rightful owner of. An excellent investment as there is only one of each NFT.

But why am I talking about NFTs and not about the Flamingo Mafia Family? Well, you need to know what an NFT is to understand what the Flamingo Mafia Family is. After all, the Flamingo Mafia Family is a collection of 10,101 Flamingo NFTs that are ERC-721 tokens on the Polygon blockchain network.

It is on this blockchain network because it has cheaper transactions than other blockchains, and it allows these NFTs to be part of the biggest NFT marketplace to date: OpenSea.

Artist, marketer, developer and NFT passionate, DonFlamingo, has designed each of these flamingos. Each of them has a unique combination of traits from over 140 characteristics, including tattoos, clothes, hats, glasses, even weapons and drinks or cigarettes, just to name a few. Although they are all different and unique, some of them have features that make them even less frequent than others.

At the moment, there are four categories of flamingos, each with different and unique features. The four groups of flamingos are Soldiers, Caporegimes, Consiglieres and Bosses. Every particular group has specific traits that are customizable and have special benefits as part of the Flamingo Mafia Family.

And now, why should you be part of the Flamingo Mafia Family, besides the amazing NFTs?

  • The holder can reveal the Flamingo egg.
  • 100 Random flamingo holders get 25% from the secondary sales fees collected on OpenSea.
  • Eggs airdrops for a Flamingo Mafia Family community.
  • Having Flamingos grants you 100% creative and commercial rights.
  • Flamingos are on the Polygon Network, so gas fees are minimal!

Now that you know what it is and how cool they are (if you want to see them first hand, you can follow DonFlamingo on Twitter or check them on OpenSea), you might be wondering, how can you get involved?

As it is in the minting phase, the only way to get your hands on a flamingo is by interacting with the Polygon network contract. Since every flamingo comes from an egg, once you are the holder and use the Reveal Feature on the Flamingo Mafia Family website, will you be able to hatch the egg and get your flamingo. Following the minting stage, you will be able to acquire the Flamingo of your choosing from the OpenSea marketplace.

Now that you know what it is, why it is exciting, and how can you get your very own flamingo, what are you waiting for? Visit us here to find out more!